Monday, May 25, 2009

Chicago: Then and Now

Just came across our old pictures from our first trip to the Chicago Field Museum. It was January 2004 --- That's Riley, age 5 in the black Hulk shirt; Maya, almost 3; and Seth at 5 months.

May 2009. Riley is 10, Maya is 8, and Seth is 5.

January 2004

May 2009


January 2004

May 2009


little castle said...

It's fun to see how much they've grown! I think I'll try do dig up some old pictures and do the same thing.

Shelley said...

This is what I was talking about the other day. You took all three kids to Chicago! How brave is that??? I would have been terrified to do that with ONE kid!!! You always amaze me Holly!!!

Holly Simpson said...

We were tagging along with Matt on his work trip -- all the times we've been to Chicago it was because he was working there. Hey, and you took your one kid all the way out to California -- for TWO years, brave Mama!!! :-)

Jeff and Leslie said...

Wow, great pictures! We love the field museum, and I can't wait until Manu is old enough to enjoy it too.