Sunday, September 28, 2008


We tend to go a bit overboard when we go to the library -- so many things catch our eyes, and we bring home as much as we can carry. Recently I was going through a huge stack of books, seeing what each of us had brought home, and noticed that we had each happened to pick at least one dragon-themed book. I put them all out together on our kitchen table, and we spent the morning enjoying stories and making pictures.

Ri & Seth

Seth's Oruborus dragon

Maya's dragon

Perseid Meteor Shower Campout

In August we went to a Perseid Meteor Shower campout at Caesar Creek state park in Ohio. There was free camping on the open lawn area for wide open viewing away from city/town lights. We played quite a bit in the sand and water. There were lots of astronomy-themed crafts and activities set up, and several astronomers brought out their mega telescopes to share. As the sun set, however, the clouds thickened, and the kids fell asleep before it cleared enough to see any of the meteor shower. We still had a great time, though, and are looking forward to going again next August.