Friday, May 1, 2009

At home

Paper bag puppets

One of Riley's fairly recent interests: Legos

Sethy's absolute favorite thing at the moment: Godzilla

Maya's photo of her latest favorite animal (as anyone who is her facebook friend already knows from the recent wave of turtle flair -- only to be outdone -maybe- by the recent wave of American Girl flair).

Tinker toy microphone

Guitar Hero World Tour

Clubhouse planning

You know the song for Cookie Crisp cereal: "Oh, you can't have cookies for breakfast..."
Well, Riley says, "Watch me!"

Playing one of my favorite games with Riley: Huggermugger

We made this one morning when Maya and Seth and I were making accordion paper dolls. "One Love" is a reference to this beautiful remake of Bob Marley's song. We put the picture on the wall over our computer in my Collage O' Peace and Love, along with my Doctors Without Borders world map (reminding me of my love & gratitude for what they do); my photos of children from Afghanistan, Iraq, and the most recent addition, Pakistan (reminding me of my love for the ones caught in the middle of heinous things -- I'm so, so very sorry -- you have no idea); and my simple, hopeful quote from Desmond Tutu:
"One day we will wake up and discover we are family."

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