Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chicago Trip: Legoland

Our hotel was just down the road from the Chicago Legoland Discovery Center. This was *the* place Riley had most been looking forward to during our Chicago trip. It is much smaller, apparently, than the California Legoland, and had really bad reviews on Trip Advisor. We hesitated about going after reading them but then found some 1/2 price discount tickets. We were so glad we went. It was not huge or anything (definitely don't pay full price, if you go), but we had a blast and spent the whole afternoon there and even went back for a second trip later in the week. Riley wrote his own review on Trip Advisor, but as of just now it hasn't been posted. I'll post a link when they update.

Standing in front of the Lego version of Chicago

Maya getting some car building pointers from one of the staff

Racing cars and car-like things

Seth testing his bridge against the earthquake machine

Seth with his Sears Tower from the model building class

Riley with his Sears Tower

Maya with her monkey from another model building class

Maya with Legobama

Riley with Legobama

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