Friday, May 1, 2009

Earth Days -- the "official" one as well as a bunch of other Spring time/outside things

Matt and Riley flying kites

Closely examining the pieces and parts of a dandelion stem

We visited our friends who live waaaaay out in the woods -- paradise. Matt and Riley and Cameron and his kids went to help work on the outdoor bowl (for skating) and to play.

Matt and Riley after climbing through a cave they have on their property. They had to lie down and wiggle through on their bellies to get through part of it.

The Springtime view from my kitchen

Happy Earth Day!

Some Earthy-ish books I pulled off of our book shelves. We spent the morning reading, hugging trees, playing in dirt, planting seeds, and tending our little garden. In the afternoon we went to see the Disney Earth movie.

Earth Day tree hugging

More Earth Day -- planting marigold and nasturtium seeds here and there around the yard

Checking on our sprouting garden

I wish I had a video of Maya and Seth running into the house to tell me, with such excitement, that this tulip had finally opened. They had been watching it for days, waiting not so patiently for this:
Heading out to our neighborhood park

We actually walked 2 or 3 whole minutes before the phone rang for Riley!

The creek that runs through the park

How cool would this picture have been if I hadn't tilted the camera?!

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