Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chicago Trip: American Girl store

After Matt hurt his foot at the skatepark on Friday, we picked up some crutches and attempted downtown Chicago again on Saturday. It was a bit rough getting to bus stops and navigating around. We did manage to make it to the destination Maya had been *so* looking forward to since the very first mention of us going to Chicago: the American Girl store.

I don't think I've ever been to a store where things were priced like they are priced there. We don't pay nearly that much for our own clothes or hair!
This whole trip to Chicago was difficult for me this time. I've been not feeling very good about what feels to me like excessive spending (though I know "excessive" is in the eye of the beholder and that my ideal way isn't any kind of One Right Way). I tried on these excursions to *breathe* and *trust* and focus on seeing these things through my kids' eyes -- which see Magic and Joy -- rather than through my own frustrations around $$$ and how it is used. Not something I have figured out by any stretch, but...
Anyway -- here are pictures of some of the Magic and Joy.

Seth's favorite thing about Chicago: the Metra trains

Maya with Kirsten (the doll whose story is set in 1854), a hand-me-down that used to be my cousin's when she was little and that my grandmother had kept and then passed along to Maya.
American Girl Place

I waited while Matt was looking at the price tag on some blue jeans to snap a shot of the reaction. I think the look could be described as "Amused Shock" maybe???

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