Monday, June 1, 2009

Home Fun

I am *really* not fond of mowing the lawn. We had let one patch up around our hammock in the back yard get quite jungle-y, and I figured I better make it more suitable for the more pristine-yard loving types in our neighborhood. It was wet out and slick (it's a very hilly yard); and, just as I was catching myself from sliding down the hill, I noticed I was mowing over this little guy (below). I was so worried that I had sliced him up, but fortunately he was tucked safely in his shell and seemed unharmed. After we watched him for a while in his temporary, makeshift habitat, we checked around in the back yard to make sure there were no little turtle offspring being left behind. We didn't find any evidence of anyone others; so, since I had destroyed his habitat with my mower, we carried him across to our neighbor's back yard and left him in some brush near the creek.
Some remnants of *play* inspired by the above experience

Maya is such a night owl and often gets inspired to write or draw or start some other project just about the time everyone else is winding down for bed. I love that she can stay up late and do her thing without worrying about needing to be up early in the mornings. This is how I left her the other evening as I headed off to bed. She was working on a book involving all those creatures on the table.


Riley with one of his Lego creations -- this one combines several things he loves: Lego building, spiders, and it can be rebuilt into a snake


Ah, the things that can be done with M&Ms -- making pictures and mosaics, bar graphs, estimation, adding/multiplying/dividing and most especially subtracting. Yum!

Side-by-side Club Penguin


We recently painted our kitchen table with Dry Erase paint. Seth (who is majorly into Godzilla lately) and I have been drawing scenes from an old Highlights Top Secret Adventures book about Japan. We draw Tokyo, big skyscrapers, pagodas, the Pacific Ocean, and Monster Island; and he brings Godzilla toys over to destroy/erase it all. The other day when he was looking for the Japan book again he came across the Top Secret Adventures Australia book. He recognized that it was a book about Australia from the picture on the front: the Sydney Opera House. I figured he recognized it from Finding Nemo; but, no, apparently there is a Godzilla movie where he battles in Sydney. So, here we are in the picture below setting up a Sydney scene to destroy.

Here is Seth, who fell asleep while watching and playing along with Godzilla vs. Hedorah. He seems to have defeated all of the pillows and blankets; but if that sleeping bag was Hedorah, it looks like it might be coming back for him!
These are some pictures the kids drew with the help of an Ed Emberly drawing book.
Seth with Godzilla ("Why do people always make Godzilla green. Don't they know he's supposed to be black?")

Riley's werewolf wildcat thing

I was too late to get a picture of what Maya was drawing. Hers was packed up in an envelope to take to Build-A-Bear workshop.

Oh, and here are a couple of our favorite new-to-us websites lately:, especially the virtual Beehive world. -- I especially love the Mahjong games

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Dawn said...

My daughter is talking about maybe going to high school and I think of exactually what you mentioned - - - How can you give up having the freedom to work, learn, be inspired when it comes instead of by someone elses schedule? Here's to burning the midnight oil. God Bless you for letting your children do so.