Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday Gratitude on Thursday again

This week, I'm feeling grateful for:

1. Restaurants. I really want to like to cook, and it's enjoyable enough when I can cook something everyone likes. But we all have such hugely diverse taste preferences, and a restaurant with a diverse menu is just awesome!

2. My camera. I forgot to bring it with us on this trip. The cell phone camera just doesn't compare. I *love* having lots of good pictures around.

3. Getting to be there and be a part of so many of the times my kids make some new connection or discover a new interest. It is a very cool life we've got going on here!

4. Time outside in the sunshine, even if it's a bit cold. We're in Chicago this week and on the eastern edge of the central time zone. The sun sets well before most people get off work.

5. That Matt will do things like bring Riley along on his corporate dinner last night because Riley just wanted to be with him. And that he will enjoy taking him and Seth up in the Sears Tower sky deck today because I would really rather not go. I love heights on a big roller coaster. Standing on something like the sky deck looking down is too dizzying for me!


Frank said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing.

Sandra Dodd said...

Cell phone photos are wonderful. Line drawings would be awesome.

I don't mind music off of scratchy old 78's or 45's. I had a friend who wouldn't listen to Bat Out of Hell because he said it was badly engineered. Had he no imagination!? It's possible to transcend the recording or the illustration and go straight to the place or the thing or the song or the emotion!