Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scenes From In and Around the Van

OK, so it's no RV, but for now it gets us where we're going.

Here's our van loaded down in Franklin, PA at the end of our week-long trip to Pennsylvania. 1 Fickle Skateboard shipment; 1 Leopard Gecko; 1 Black Lab; 1 large suitcase; 6 bags of toys, games, books, paper, markers, etc; 2 laptops; and 5 people

Decorating the van with window markers at one of our rest/food stops

Pablo along for the Pennsylvania trip

Snow in October in Franklin, PA
Allegheny Mountain views -- Pennsylvania

Dozens and dozens of windmills along this little stretch of land in Indiana along the way between home and Chicago. This is the only place I've seen windmills other than pictures/tv/internet.

An Oscar-Mayer weiner-mobile!

Maya drawing.

Riley reading

Seth playing

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