Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pittsburgh: Carnegie Science Center

Last Friday's trip to the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

Maya & Seth building cells. The first area we toured was anatomy themed. Riley loved this area, but Maya and Seth are a little bothered by thinking about internal workings of their bodies. Maya said it made her feel like she had butterflies in her stomach, and Seth said it made him feel like his bones were going to break.

They all did enjoy the giant Operation game, though!

Riley learning about stem cells.

Maya learning about wings.

And sampling wing motion.

Seth attempting to build a sturdy log cabin at the earthquake table.

One of Riley's favorite exhibits, experimenting with airplane maneuvering.

Another of Riley's favorites -- sound waves

Beautiful reef system exhibit

Learning about Ozone

We moved through here really quickly -- interesting and historic, but just a very heavy atmosphere for me and a bit too closed in for Maya.

We could not even begin to imagine sleeping on a cot hanging over a bomb like this.

What's a war without a little propaganda? Tied in nicely with things we had been talking about earlier in the week about Christopher Columbus, things we had been reading from Mysteries of History, which addresses some of the holes in various stories from history, and with the ongoing conversations we have about advertising of all kinds.

Last stop: The cafe.

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