Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On the road

I just figured out how to send pictures from my phone to the blog. Below are pictures of just some everyday hotel living from a couple of our recent trips. Right now we're in Beaver Falls, PA -- just outside of Pittsburgh. Last week we were in Harvard, IL -- an hour or two away from Chicago. We are feeling out what it's like to travel with our dog, which ties us to our hotel a bit more than if we left him with my sister, though he's done way better than I thought he would with staying in his crate while we get out to the restaurant or pool or indoor playground here.

Friday is Matt's work-at-"home" day. We usually are driving home on Fridays, and it is really tense and frustrating for everyone. He can't hear his conference calls if there is *any* noise at all, and the kids have a hard time being *silent* for phone calls that last an hour or more. This Friday we're thinking of using some of our hotel points to get a room in downtown Pittsburgh so Matt can work from the hotel (and hang out with the dog) while Riley, Maya, Seth and I go to the Carnegie Science Center and hopefully the Andy Warhol Museum, too.

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