Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kenton County Parks summer programs

Kenton County Parks and Recreation has so many great programs. Their director, Steve Trauger, does an excellent job putting together programs that are fun and interesting for all ages, and my kids have loved going to these for years now. Two of our favorites are Wild Wednesdays (which are animal-themed programs) and Almost Every Other Thursday Science. Both of these happen at park shelters with nearby playgrounds, which works out great if you are bringing several people with varying interests -- some can stay at the program while others go off to play or swing or dig in the sand or ...

The programs include an ongoing Nonperishable Food Drive for Senior Services of Northern KY (Senior Services of NKY is very open to families with kids volunteering together, by the way -- we did Meals on Wheels with them last year -- they're excellent to work with); pop-top tab collections for Ronald McDonald House; various opportunities for volunteering; and often prizes, popcorn, and/or pizza for all!


A recent farm/petting zoo-themed Wild Wednesdays program

Maya and her friend, Hayes

Seth, Maya, and their friend, Chooj

Maya & Seth

Riley milking a goat

Maya with a baby chick

Riley with a baby chick

Seth milking a goat

Another Wild Wednesday Program: Raptor Rehab

Almost Every Other Thursday Science: Bugs & Insects

Insect building

Lookin' at the world through flies' eyes (Oh, No! I can't find a link to the Heywood Banks song!!!)

Contrary to popular mythology, kids really can still listen and learn, even if they are not sitting "criss cross applesauce" in a circle on the floor. One of the things I love at these programs is seeing the kids able to be however they are comfortable, coming and going from the program if they need to, etc.

Taking a pass on holding the hissing cockroaches. We'll just look today, thank you very much!


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