Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Maya found & bought a little robotic panda bear at a local second hand store recently and, as she's been playing with it, she's been wanting to know more about pandas -- what they do, what they eat, what kind of shelter/nest they make, etc., which she then incorporates into her play. She was (still is) really wanting to see real, live giant pandas that look like her toy, but our local zoo only has red pandas. I started to look for a nearby zoo with some but haven't found one so far. Thanks to internet and webcams, though, we did get to read about and watch the giant pandas at the San Diego Zoo.

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Shannon and Alex said...

Atlanta has pandas. I did a story on them when I was a reporter there 4 years ago. I thought one was pregnant, in fact. They have a panda cam Maya would probably love.