Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday catch-up

Playing a bit of Catch-up here.

We were a little slow getting to celebrate Maya's birthday. We had slumber party and family party plans for the weekend before her actual birthday on Monday, Feb 16. However, stomach bugs being what they are, we ended up postponing everything a bit while everyone recovered.

Happy 8th, sweet Maya!!!

Matt left work early so we could spend the afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese's

Matt playing skee ball...

...really, really well.

Maya with her ticket jackpot winnings

Later in the week we went to my Dad's house in Lexington (he's in the back in the UK blue sweatshirt). Maya's trying out her new baseball equipment that he gave her.

When we got home from Lexington, her American Girl twins had arrived.
Maya with her babes, Matt & Madeline

And we had an impromptu Packing Peanuts Party with the neighborhood kids

By the weekend, we were able to have the previously postponed slumber party.

Here are Riley and our neighbor friends making DIY pizzas

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Momeena (Juanita) said...

Looks like you had a fun birthday Maya!!!! We are behind having Jacob a party too :)