Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big Bone Lick State Park program

Wednesday we went to Big Bone Lick state park with our friends from Georgetown, KY, who had organized a program that included learning about the Ice Age, some basic survival skills, and atlatl throwing. In addition, there was time to take a walk to see the bison, lunch at the playground, and; after the last activity of the program, an epic stick-sword battle in a big open field and through the river cane.

Checking out the outdoor exhibit -- an ice age salt bog diorama

Back indoors -- the line of kids move forward to re-create the movement of a glacier across the landscape. The pile of kids in the floor is the landscape, being, well, flattened by the moving glacier. Riley is stansing in the middle wearing red. I think those are Seth's feet & blue jeans sticking out toward the left at the instructor's legs.

Our instructor was excellent --fun, knowledgeable, engaging, and really flowed with the energy of this group of moms & kids from toddlers to early teens.

My camera battery died early into the program. Thank you, Shannon, for the additional pics of my kiddos!!!!
Watching the bison along the trail
There's me -- between Riley and Maya. Is Riley really that tall????

Hayes, Jacob, and Maya playing in the shelter

Riley throwing an atlatl

Maya throwing an atlatl

Shannon had to leave before the end of the program, so I don't have pictures of that epic sword battle I mentioned. I will never forget it though. We've been homeschooling long enough now that I can see how full life without school can be, but one of the memories I think about in those exceedingly rare moments of worry that my kids might miss out on something by not going to school is from a field trip I took when I was in school to Fort Harrod state park. Some of us were playing in the little one-room school house when a bunch of other kids invaded with tomahawks and various other gift shop purchases. We had a blast running all over the place, hiding, laughing, battling, and chasing each other. Watching my kids and their friends have this huge, fun battle reminded me so much of that experience. They aren't missing out at all.


Momeena (Juanita) said...

It was a great time!! I think I may have a picture of that swod battle, I will check.

Organic Meatbag said...

I'm sorry, I can't help it...Big Bone Lick?? That's what she said!!

Holly Simpson said...

LOL -- I know!! -- I can't ever say the name of the place without laughing a little.