Thursday, October 25, 2007

Much Love for the Birthday Boy!

Last Sunday was Riley's 9th birthday! He had such a blast with family and friends all week long, having a party with part of our family the Sunday before his birthday, then two of his unschooled buddies over for a few days and nights during the week, then a couple more friends over to play Friday afternoon, shopping for birthday presents on Saturday, and another family dinner here at home with more family on Sunday. It was a busy, fun week spent immersed in things he loves to do: hanging out with friends, playing lots of Guitar Hero, playing and trading Pokemon and Yugioh (and making a trade for a card he's been wanting for soooo long!), skating, playing his new game (Battleground), and learning to play his and Matt's electric guitar.

Aunt Noelle totally gets Riley's sense of humor. This gift bag was lovingly paired with a b-day card that gave him "the moon" (not the one in the sky!). Both the bag and the card now decorate his room! (And the candles in the second picture are not in a really flat, unfrosted cake -- he asked for birthday brownies instead of cake)

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