Thursday, October 25, 2007

Farm Frenzy

Our county's cooperative extension service sponsored this event for free a few weeks ago to help show the relationship between farming and food on the table or in the store. Maya, Seth, and I met our friends, Kelly, Jonathan, and Rebecca. Maya especially enjoyed the "pizza garden" display showing the agricultural origins of various pizza ingredients. Seth loved the tractor and hay ride.

Before we left, we ran into our friends from across the street, Jason, Adam, and Kendall, so we stayed a bit longer and hung out with them, too.
And I have to add this picture because it makes me laugh at my poor picture composing choice. I thought these little nursing piglets were *so* sweet. The fence wasn't very high at all, but for some unimaginable reason I shot the picture right through the bars. And it was the only shot I took! D'oh!

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