Saturday, October 27, 2007

At Home

This has been such a busy month! While it's fun to have so many things going on, it was nice yesterday to have a quiet day at home, too. We finished reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in the morning and spent the afternoon in the backyard. Inspired by some faerie toys in a catalog that had come in the mail, we made faerie houses around our little pond. We also played on the swings, hammock, and trampoline; and the kids flowed from one activity to the next, imagining:

  • Speaking and understanding "chirp" with the backyard crickets

  • Communing with pretend apes

  • Being and/or running from goblins

  • Being moms and dads and babies

  • Being and/or caring for unicorns

  • Voldemort vs. Unicorns

  • Sword and gun battles

  • Faeries

  • Monster truck shows

  • Amusement park

Earlier this week, we made melted crayon sun catchers:

Here's Riley's


And Maya's

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homemoma said...

how are those pics made? seems as if you have had a wonderful month.