Friday, January 7, 2011

this week, in no particular order

Entrance to a dollhouse Maya made for her Lalaloopsy miniature

Inside the dollhouse

Our friend Chooj's New Years' Day birthday party

Seth and Chooj

Maya and Hayes

Riley took some of his Christmas money to buy a second-hand airsoft gun from a friend.

Maya playing out stories with a mix of toys and her homemade paper doll characters

Highlights Magazine's Which Way USA: Florida puzzle/activity book and map. We'll be there for real in a couple of weeks!!!

Maya listening to music & working on a picture in the kitchen. In the background: Riley's Eiffel Tower model and work-in-progress K'Next roller coaster.

Climb-a-mountain-do-a-flip. I used to do this with Maya a lot when she was younger and overwhelmed -- she would hold my hands, walk up my legs, then flip over backwards. She loved it, and the hanging by her arms and being upside down seemed to help her re-center. I forget sometimes how much it helped. Here, I was getting really frustrated, but then remembered with Seth just before we both melted down!

Seth's photo of Matt and me laughing over a funny Facebook thread

Hanging out talking

Playing Huggermugger
More Huggermugger (and yes, that's how Maya prefers to hold a pen when she writes)

Making & watching videos with a friend

Lots of experimenting with recipes from these

7 books, 7 months until the final movie


Riley skating our backyard ramp we built this past fall


Lots of gaming. Riley and Seth are loving playing with friends via X-box Live lately.


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