Saturday, January 29, 2011

spiderman, smart phones, and fairies

It's been kind of a quiet week here. I have a bit of that post-beach-vacation-returned-to-the-snowy-north funk. I spent the early part of the week planning some cool stuff for a possible 3 week trip from Atlanta to Kansas City to Dallas to Memphis. I was really excited about that, but it's kind of in limbo right now and may turn out to be a smaller trip or not even happen at all. It was a tag-along trip with Matt for his work, so it's dependent on that.

Seth has been all about Spiderman since we got home: games, books, cartoons, story boards, pretend play, and making lots of paper characters:

Maya makes a lot of things every day. Here is a bow and arrow she made:

We watched and talked about what's happening in Egypt this week, what happened in Tunisia, democracies, dictatorships, people powered movements:

I turned 39! How did that happen?! Matt made me this vegan chocolate cake that turned out amazing!!! (We did end up tossing out the Tofutti cream cheese icing and made vegan buttercream instead)

With 39 candles you can make a whole peace sign!!!

Riley has been really wanting a newer smart phone. He reads all the updates and researches information about different ones and had been waiting for his current phone contract to end so he could get a new one. Turns out a friend had a Blackberry and *gave* it to him this week (and gave me a case for my phone, too!!!). How cool is that?! So, here's what Riley has been doing the last couple of days:

Maya made me this picture of my dream RV: an Airstream

Riley had also been researching how to make beads for his dreads. We picked up some polymer clay and wire and he, Matt, and I made some:

And, finally, Maya's great love this week has been all things Fairy. She made a fairy house and has made lots of paper fairies. We read about them in the Fantasy Encyclopedia, and she's been playing Disney fairy games online and reading a book about Tinkerbell.

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