Sunday, January 31, 2010

Running & Running Playlist

I got some new running shoes and started the Couch-to-5K running program a few weeks ago. As someone who grew up *hating* running, I can't believe how much fun I'm having with this. Not sure if it's that I'm getting outside in spite of the cold, which always is a mood-lifter in the winter, or if it's because of the very gradual progression and very attainable weekly goals. I am having a blast.

I started week 3 this week. I wasn't doing so well focusing on keeping count of my time intervals in my head, so I decided to set up music to cue me when to switch back and forth between walking and running. It is pretty hard to find good 90-second songs, and my 3-minute songs were closer to 4 minutes, but here's this week's playlist:

Couch to 5K-- Week 3, Day 1

90-second run: Back Against the Wall by Circle Jerks
90-second walk: Trogdor by Strongbad

3-minute run: Lose Yourself by Eminem
3-minute walk: Handlebars by Flobots

90-second run: Gimme Gimme Gimme by Black Flag
90-second walk: In the Ocean Blue from Charlie the Unicorn

3-minute run: Hey World (Remote Control Version) by Michael Franti & Spearhead
3-minute walk: Underneath by Alanis Morrissette

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