Sunday, January 17, 2010

City Museum, St. Louis

Pictures from City Museum in St. Louis. We were introduced to City Museum as a side trip that was part of the 2005 Live and Learn Unschooling conference and have been wanting to get back there since. It is a wonderland -- a work of art with hidden passageways and mazes and tangles of things to climb through, slide down, and explore.
A few pictures from the 2005 trip:
Maya, 4 years old and Seth, 2 years old.
Riley, at 7 years old, is in the grey shirt. Maya is climbing. The two boys in striped shirts are Mason (standing) and Caleb (sitting), our unschooling friends from Lexington.

Matt climbing with Seth
Here are the pictures from this trip January, 2010:

On our way up to the 7-story slide.

Taking the 3rd floor slide down to the lobby.

Ri, Maya, and Seth climbing from one of the planes to the tower.

On the wing

Ri, Maya, and Seth

Shoelace factory

Skateless skatepark

In the Art room

Writing with the giant pencil.

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