Friday, January 16, 2009

Jump Zone

Last week we met some friends at Jump Zone, an indoor climbing, bouncing, playing place to blow off some pent-up winter energy and have some fun. Little did we know that this week we would get a taste of "really* cold weather. Down from the hovering-around-freezing temps that we are used to in January and into the single digits and even freaking subzero temps!



Airborne Seth

Maya, giving her usual picture pose while Riley and their friend, Hayes, play air hockey.

Maya, Riley, and friend, Chooj

Icees Maya bought for herself and her brothers with some money she had been saving

Hayes, Chooj, and Riley




Maya, again with the thumbs up pose


Maya & Hayes

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Shannon and Alex said...

The one of Seth flying cracked me up! We went yesterday and Alex kept throwing Chooj into the same spot to make him fly out after he saw your kids do it. A fine example of homeschooling - discovering different things and how to use them. It's fun to see ourselves on someone else's blog!