Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Here are some favorite moments from our trip to the Ohio Renaissance Festival yesterday.

Riley thought the characters we ran into at the festival were pretty funny and entertaining!

Sir Seth and Lady Maya

Fearless Maya............................Prisoners Riley, Sam, and Eric

Riley, Seth, and Maya with new swords and shields

Here are the musicians we enjoyed listening to while we ate giant turkey legs in the pouring rain.

The kids are fascinated by all kinds of modern day rides: how they are made, how they work, etc. They loved seeing the man-powered rides at the festival. Here is Seth riding a carousel swing.

They also loved the Drench A Wench dunking booth and thought the heckling was hilarious.

Riley getting some archery pointers

Learning to do Magic Sticks. Ri came home with a set of these. He is having a blast with them.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the Ohio Renaissance Festival once. But the discrimination and other problems (see protest site) I can not imagine wanting to put more money into the owner's pocket.

Protest Site: