Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fun and Learning with Dad

Here are some pictures of Matt and the kids from the past week or two.

Matt, Riley, and Maya playing around with probability & statistics, something Matt's interested in because of his work in Quality Assurance (or maybe he works in QA because he likes statistics????????):
Matt and Riley doing some work with Access to make a "Skatabase" (that may be online eventually) that will link to video clips of skateboard trick tips:
On the way back to the parking lot after a local arts & crafts fair, Matt the kids found this large and very dry dirt hill to climb:
During a game of Hide and Seek in which Maya and Seth were convinced that Matt was hiding inside the wall in Seth's room (because they could hear his voice coming from there), Matt came across his old (late 1990's) Derby City BMX racing jersey in our closet (which happens to cut into Seth's bedroom). The kids all thought this was so cool, although mostly because they thought he had raced cars in it. Seth especially liked it. Here he is trying it on:

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