Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Late July

Here are some photos from the latter part of July.

We have really enjoyed the COSI on Wheels programs that Kenton County Parks & Recreation has arranged monthly this summer. There is one more program this week -- an agriculture theme, I believe. Below is a shot of the Chemistry program. The other picture is of a white-marked tussock moth caterpillar Seth found on a nearby tree. We thought it looked like something out of a fairy tale -- my picture doesn't do it justice.
The kids haven't been interested much in hiking this year. Maya, especially, is still hesitant after a hike we did last fall where the trail was just carpeted with spiders. We did enjoy a short nature walk at the Boone County Arboretum at Central Park and visited the playground and Children's Garden there.

We've been having a great time at Kings Island this summer, usually going there about once a week in the evening after Matt gets off work. Riley has been fascinated with roller coasters since he was a toddler, though he's not been crazy about riding them so far. He decided he loves the Scrambler, though, and we've ridden that many times this summer. Maya is tall enough to ride more coasters this year, which she is happy about. They love to read all about roller coasters and other rides, and we rent the Popular Mechanics for Kids videos about roller coasters every year. We're going again next week with some friends for Homeschool Days -- maybe I'll finally take my camera with me. And hopefully before it closes for the year Matt and I will get there by ourselves to ride the big rides! Here is a picture of one of the Tinker Toy versions of the rides the kids made a few weeks ago.

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