Saturday, June 25, 2011

Farm Camp

Maya had so much fun this week at day camp at a local farm.  She truly loved caring for & playing with the animals, meeting new friends, making crafts, having new adventures (like getting caught out in the fields in a downpour, crowding into the shelter of the barn with the animals & all the other campers during the thunderstorm complete with power outage!)

She has always been quite a night owl, often up until 2 a.m. and sleeping until noon.  She usually doesn't enjoy early morning activities, & we mostly avoid them.  She was determined to get up early for this camp, though.  In the 2 week s or so before camp, I helped her back her sleep routine up.  We talked about things that might help, like turning off the computer/tv earlier, me lying down with her & talking ourselves to sleep, &  opening her beloved room darkening curtains in the mornings.  Those things plus her excitement about camp each day made mornings flow incredibly smoothly.

I heart unschooling!

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