Thursday, February 10, 2011

Newport Aquarium trip

We visited Newport Aquarium today with our friends Susan & Zach, and Amie, Sam, & Eric. Riley was there, but he was off with Sam and Eric so I have no pics of him. :-p

Newport Aquarium:  Zach, Seth, Maya
Zach, Seth, and Maya

Newport Aquarium:  Maya and a leopleuridon
Maya and a liopleurodon

Newport Aquarium:  Maya

Newport Aqurarium:  Japanese crab
Japanese crab

Newport Aquarium: ray shark; Maya's reflection
ray shark; Maya's reflection

Newport Aquarium

Newport Aquarium:  Susan, Seth, and Zack petting sharks
Susan, Seth, and Zach at the shark petting pool

Newport Aquarium:  Seth, Zack, Maya

Newport Aquarium:  Maya

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