Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dreams Come True

I've been working on making blog books, one for each year since I started this blog. It's been fun reminiscing through the last 3 3/4 years, and it's motivated me to catch up on posting pictures from this year and to reunite with my SLR camera, which I haven't used since leaving behind its battery charger on one of our trips.

I came across this post from March 2007. I was writing about how much I loved watching the school bus go by our house in the mornings, knowing no one from our house would be dashing out the door to get on it. Matt left a comment that he did still have to dash out the door every morning. I responded that I knew we could change that if we really wanted to. I love looking back on that now that we did change that, and he has this job that allows him to work from home and to travel around, and that we get to travel with him so much. After lots of false starts, job changes (sometimes with much lower income), and frustration, I'm very thankful that we can now spend so much more time together -- all 5 of us -- because he kept not only wishing for and wanting that dream to happen, but also walking toward making it happen.

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