Sunday, March 7, 2010


We have always had a lot of maps around & handy. Placemat maps, atlases, and various wall maps, including my favorite, this south-up map. I still want to sit down with the kids and show them all the states we drove through in the last 2 weeks: From KY through IN to IL, back through IN to OH, back to KY, then on to TN, GA, and FL then back through GA, SC, NC, TN and back home to KY.
The country stickers on this map are from years ago when Riley and I had put them on when we were doing Highlights magazine's Top Secret Adventures packets. Now this map is in Seth's room after he & I mapped all the locations of the monster battles in Godzilla Final Wars.
Maya keeps this smaller map in her room, rolled up for "adventure planning" and things like that. Most recently, while we were reading the Lightning Thief, she was using it to keep track of all the places Percy Jackson went.
And this one is just a cute picture of Seth. :-)

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