Monday, November 3, 2008

Here's some of what we've been doing here lately -- just what I gathered up today while straightening up our living room.

Hats that we are round loom knitting for Maya and Seth. This is definitely a group project with me, all 3 kids, and various neighborhood kids contributing rows here and there.

Maya's been coloring and playing with dozens of paper doll chains. Here are the ones she hasn't finished yet.

Post-it note picture stories


Shelley said...

I love your strewing. Maddie seems to strew all by herself! hee, hee. Where did you find you wonderful background? And how did you get your Facebook thing on here?

Holly Simpson said...

Yeah, my kids do a lot of their own strewing, too. :-) Pretty cool!

I found these blog background things from my friend, Shannon's blog. They have all kinds of designs & themes. They're free on

I can't remember how I added the facebook thing. I found the code or widget or whatever it's called on Facebook, but I can't remember where.