Sunday, September 28, 2008


We tend to go a bit overboard when we go to the library -- so many things catch our eyes, and we bring home as much as we can carry. Recently I was going through a huge stack of books, seeing what each of us had brought home, and noticed that we had each happened to pick at least one dragon-themed book. I put them all out together on our kitchen table, and we spent the morning enjoying stories and making pictures.

Ri & Seth

Seth's Oruborus dragon

Maya's dragon


Sandra Dodd said...

Just in case you haven't seen this before, or haven't seen it lately,
The birth of Trogdor the Burninator.

If you lost that link, I have it on my art page:, along with "Japanese Cartoon," another Strongbad classic art bit.

Holly Simpson said...

Thank you for sending this -- we hadn't seen it before. Loved it and are looking forward to watching more Strong Bad videos!!! As soon as Riley saw the name "Trogdor" he said there was a song on Guitar Hero 2 called "Trogdor." Turns out it's Strong Bad's song! He found someone on YouTube who had put a video showing & telling how to play, so he learned to play the song on his electric guitar today, too. Don't ya just love how things connect and flow so beautifully!

Sandra Dodd said...

-=-Don't ya just love how things connect and flow so beautifully!-=-

I do! And I love how the unschoolers all cross-connecting their blogs is helping it happen better and more often!

Momeena (Juanita) said...

It was really good to see you guys again. I think Riley and Anthony could become good friends :) Here is Anthony's e-mail address for Riley.


Holly Simpson said...

Hi!!! It was good to see you all, too. We always have fun with you Georgetown mamas & kids! Riley had so much fun with Anthony today. I'll give him the email address when he gets home from the skatepark tonight. We'll have to get them together more often. Maya and Seth enjoyed playing with your other boys, too. (I think they were yours, anyway -- Michael and Jacob, right? -- Maya just remembers shirt colors not names -- one in red and one in yellow)

Anonymous said...

What awesome dragons...and the "flow"you beautiful, so very natural and simple...wonderful :0)