Saturday, July 19, 2008

Maya's Room

Inspired by this post from Danielle Conger's blog, I decided to take pictures when I cleaned Maya's room a couple weeks ago for her. She spends a lot of time in there pretending and playing with all sorts of things, and it quickly gets overwhelming. I don't clean it up every week, but once I (or occasionally she and I) get started on it, I always enjoy the treasures I find in there and the stories she tells about what she was doing with this or that -- little peeks into her imagination.

The beginning

Some drawings

A homemade paperdoll and a dressed up Raggedy Ann

The beginnings of a doll she's making

Some extra mouse cage litter (hey, at least it wasn't used mouse cage litter) as play pet food

A pipe cleaner leash

The gift of a clean slate for the next round of creations


Cid said...

Holy Moley- what a TRANSFORMATION!! And what a beautiful thing a clean slate is....not because it's clean, but because of what will be created on it next ;)

Peace & Abundance, Cid

Anonymous said...

lol, that first pic looks like Aimee's room...and the gift of a clean slate only lasts a day (if that) :0)
Shell again (promise I won't leave a comment on *every* post!)

Holly Simpson said...

Yeah, our clean slates don't last very long either. I've been trying to go through and spend about 5 minutes every day picking up in each bedroom and the playroom. The clean slate that creates is never quite as clean as in that one picture, but not as overwhelming as the first picture! And I don't end up with so many missing cups and missing bath towels, LOL!!!