Friday, April 11, 2008

Here are a few pictures from home lately. There are a few more on our new Project 365 photo blog. I added a link to it along the side of this blog site in the "Other Interests and Activities" section. Here is a site that explains Project 365.

We bought some used games (Scrabble/Scrabble Jr, My Little Pony Memory game, Math Bingo) and Lego's earlier this week and have been having a blast with them all. Since April is National Poetry Month as well as Shakespeare's likely birth month, we're celebrating with a variety of poetry books from the library and animated Shakespeare videos from Netflix. The overwhelming favorite poet so far has been Ogden Nash. Maya and I, inspired by one of the poems in Ogden Nash's Zoo, looked at pictures on the internet and read about the lamprey as well as the legends about the death of King Henry I of England, rumored to have died from eating a "surfeit of lampreys." Nash's poem says it was King John of England who was killed by the surfeit of lampreys, though the closest similar rumor, among other rumors, we found about him said he died from eating a "surfeit of peaches." Maybe we're missing something??? Anyway, there have been several lampreys in Maya's pretend playing lately as well as one in her story here. We are not, however, interested in exploring them deeply enough to try Lamprey Pie!!! Interesting connection with words here, though -- one of the other books we happened to bring home from the library in the same trip is called "As: A Surfeit of Similes."

Here are some of the kids' Lego creations:

Seth working on a truck

Maya's house with a window box, and her girl and lion riding on a cart

Riley's house

It has been so nice to have warm enough days to enjoy the backyard and the trampoline

Here I am with Maya starting a yoga video

And here is Maya still sticking with it in spite of Pablo


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