Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More Regular Everyday Stuff

Today we had a nice, slow afternoon swinging in the hammock. We started reading the first book in the Chronicles of Narnia series, and looked at bugs and birds and clouds and leaves and trees.

Here are some recent pictures:

Riley excited about playing Zathura

Seth cleaning the guinea home

Matt and the kids in the front yard during a rain storm, checking the tent for leaks.

Riley, Maya, and Seth making dinner

Seth and Maya making things with Play-Doh

Enjoying the Slip and Slide
And the new and exciting stuff: We reserved our hotel in Toledo, OH and bought tickets to Monster Jam for Friday, July 27 for an early birthday gift for Seth. He absolutely loves monster trucks and can usually be found playing with his toy ones, watching videos about them, or pretending he is one. He talks about Bigfoot, the original monster truck "built by Bob Chandler in the 1970's" (yes, we read every monster truck book in the kids' section at the library one evening, and several of them many more times at home) and is quickly figuring out who drives his favorite trucks.
Anyway, we were originally going to camp, but our tent that Matt and the kids were checking in the above picture does leak some in the rain; and we don't have good weather proofing gear for camping; and Matt found out he has enough points (from his last job where he travelled a lot more) for us to get a free night at a hotel. If the weather ends up being nice, we'll spend Saturday at a beach on Lake Erie.
I have to quit now -- Maya has been waiting and waiting to get on Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!

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