Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Reflecting on January

Welcome to my blog, Unschooling Snapshots. The photo to the left is of our kids, Seth(3), Riley (8), and Maya (almost 6).

January started off with such mild weather, and the kids and I had the nicest trip to the Cincinnati Zoo that we've ever had. The animals were all so vocal and active -- so different than when we visit in the hot summer months! From the antics of the gorillas and polar bears to the vocalizations of the flamingos and tigers to the creeping of the snakes in the reptile house, we had such a blast watching and listening and laughing. You can watch these gorillas or the zoo's Sumatran Rhino or some views of downtown Cincinnati on the zoo's ICAM here.

The latter part of the month got much colder, so we hunkered down in the house a lot more: reading, drawing, watching movies, playing...

...and welcoming the two newest members of our family, our guinea pigs, Eureka and Matilda.

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